Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Orcas New Feature - Split View (Web Applications)

Visual Studio Developers spend a lot of time in switching from Desgin view to Source view while developing an application, as they need to see what they are developing will appear in what manner.

With the release of Orcas/Visual Studio 2008 this problem is going to resolved, as Orcas ASP .NET Web Application Project Template comes up with a brand new feature called Split (split view).

This new Split functionality will sit in between of Design and Source view at the bottom of the Visual Studio IDE while developing a Web Application. Please referto the Figure shown below.

If you look at the Figure shown above, you will notice that the developers can look at the code and the design simultaneously.

Split view does not reflect the changes along, as we type the code in the code editor part. If it will do so the development speed will be very slow as the process of reflecting code change effect needs some time to be applied/reflected in the design view.

To serve this purpose Orcas have an inbuilt mechanism to allow you keep on playing with the code part, and then a pop-up will prompt you to Synchronize the code changes into the Design View, as shown in the Figure below.

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