Tuesday, March 02, 2010

VS 2010 Transact-SQL Editor's backward compatibility

VS2010 IDE provides a new menu named Data and it has a brand new feature item "Transact-SQL Editor" this feature allows you to perform the db operations without leaving the VS development environment.
* Microsoft's another step forward to make it a real IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Read more about this feature on previous post: http://dotnetpassion.blogspot.com/2009/12/vs-2010-ide-integration-with-sql-2008-t.html

SQL 2008 is the main candidate which gets the privilege to provide db service to this new Data menu of VS2010, and so SQL 2008 express is part of VS2010 installation. Whereas this new Transact-SQL Editor is capable enough to connect to SQL 2005 instance as well. When it prompts for connection, by default it pulls SQL 2008 instance name (SQLExpress), you can choose "Browse for more" option and then expand the "Database Engine" node and select the SQL 2005 instance.

Now you are good to go and do your db work with SQL Server 2005 from VS 2010 IDE.

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