Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Azure App - Jumpman Mosaic

Air Jordan is a brand divison of Nike Inc thought of an innovative idea to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They wanted an innovative web-app which will allow Jordan fans to upload their photos with their favourite Air Jordan shoes which shows thier style/personality type etc. They named this web-app a Social mosaic.

This application is built on Windows Azure using Silverlight with deep-zoon feature, running s on Windows Azure allows the application to be scalable for traffic, as photos were continusously uploaded, and do automatically do all other activities to keep this web-app working.

You can visit this web-app here

If you hover mouse on the image shown on the home-page (as above) and start rotating your mouse wheel in forward direction then you will see the Deep-zoom taking effect and you will start seeing something like this.

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