Saturday, December 19, 2009

VS 2010 Multi-Monitor support

World is changing and now most of the people has started working with two monitors, it makes them more productive, as people say.

Now if you consider, that you can view Form-Design and Form-code together, would it make you productive? or if you have ever felt sometimes how annoying it is to navigate from one tab to another tab in code editor view to look at code, compare, debug, or even work.

Considering this fact VS 2010 team made these Code/Form-Design windows Floatable, and so whichever code/design window you want to open in another monitor/screen parallely you can select "Float" option on the context menu (right-click that window) and drag it to your 2nd monitor.

If you see in the image here, as you right-click on a window it shows you a new option "Float"

click on the image to see larger view

Float was not an option with VS 2008 or earlier version of Visual Studios.Other options shown in the contect menu in the image above are same as of Visual Studio 2008 and earlier versions.

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