Sunday, September 30, 2007

Orcas New Feature - Code Editor Intellisense Enhancement

If you recall the way we use intellisense while coding is just to press .(prriod) after the object name and we see an entire list of methods and properties associated with that object. As shown in the figure below.

Even though the Intellisense has been a great feature for more than a decade by now, but the disadvantage of this is that it hides the code whenever the Intellisense popup comes over, and sometimes if we need to look at the code behind the pop-up we need to press ESC key and the reopen it.

The Visual Studio 2008 Code Editor comes with this long lived issue, and you can just make the Intellisense pop-up Transparent by holding the CTRL key and look at the code which was covered by the intellisense pop-up, and release the CTRL when you are done.

See the following figure which shows the enhanced Code Editor with new Intellisense feature, which becomes transparent if CTRL key is pressed.

Release the CTRL key to bring it back to the normal. Isn't it a cool feature.

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