Monday, March 08, 2010

VS 2010 Code Editor's Zoom feature

How many times you encountered a situation when you need to change the screen resolution or text size to make you code to appear in larger font. I encountered couple of time and instances especially when disusing something with team and people sitting far can't see the code statements at all, in presentations etc.

The solution has been an easy approach, change resolution or change the font size from Tools --> Options. What appeared tedious to me was re-setting either one of these after the purpose is over.

VS 2010 Code Editor comes up with this new feature where you can just simply ZOOM your entire code editor view without changing resolution or text size.
To do so it’s a well known trick "Hold Left-click and scroll the Mouse Wheel."

Click on the image to see larger view and use browser's back button to re-visit this post.

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