Friday, February 26, 2010

New Default Layout of an ASP .NET Web Application in VS 2010

Visual Studio 2010 provided "ASP .NET Web Form Application" has a new default layout (unlike a blank web page in VS 2008 or earlier versions).

New default features added to a VS 2010 Web Application
1- Site.Master page (MaterPage)
2- About.aspx page
3- Account folder, this folder by default contains following pages:
    3.i-  ChangePassword.aspx
    3.ii- ChangePasswordSuccess.aspx
4- Scripts folder- this folders have some .js files in it
5- Global.asax filse with empty templates of:
     5.i - Application_Start
     5.ii- Application_End
     5.v- Session_End events.
6- Styles folder, containing Site.css in it

Once you have this application, you can remove unwanted features or remove master-page settings from the Default.aspx.

What happens when we add another form to this applocation
When you choose a new Web Form to be added to this web form application, it "offers you a new item in VS 2010 Add New Item dialog" it shows you a new template "Web Form using Master Page" along with old "Web Form" template; which is anyways available in all other previous version of Visual Studio.

Now if you pick the new template it opens a dialog where it will show you the default provided or if you have added your own MasterPage in a list, so you can apply the selected MasterPage setting on this being newly added web form.

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