Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nuget - Visual Studio Package

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Problem- Many times during development it become tedious to look for right assemblies to be added to the project's references. For example, Entity Framework, Enterprise Library blocks, JSON etc.
Due to the nature of application's dependency on right assemblies; developers spend a good amount of time in searching the right installer URL of the utility packages, or look for assemblies in the machine and then reference those.

Solution- NuGet is an open source based developement focused system for implementing packages in the .NET platform based applications. NuGet is designed to simplify the process of bringing/adding Microsoft (Enterprise Blocks etc.) and various third party(Ninjectm JSON etc.) libraries into a .NET application during development.

Once you have installed Nuget, you no longer need to worry about looking for assembly references for various frameworks, blocks etc. for example, JSON, Enterprise Library, Entity Framework etc.

You just need to right-click on the References and click on Manage NuGet Package as shown in the figure below:

This will open a new window, in which you can search your desired package and install it as shown in the figure below:

Now if you will look under thre References, you will notice that assembly references are added through NuGet. NuGet helped you save the time and effrot to add existing assemblies or install and then add in case it was new.

Now, you have got the assemblies your application requires, you can begin with code now to invoke the functionality from added assemblies.

It's productive isn't it?

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